5 Serious Ways To Make Money On TikTok

In this new era, Social Media has become a source of income for many people by becoming influencer on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

But the rapid growing of these social media apps is TikTok. TikTok is an app that allows you to create video and share it with large audience, getting people to watch your videos and start getting followers is the goal of a social influencer. Infact there are some website that gives you estimate of how much a public TikTok account earn, it is referred to as TikTok money calculator.

So, the main reason why you’re here is because you want to learn how to make good amount of money on TikTok, you don’t wanna just go to TikTok, create videos for fun  only but you wanna aswell make money from your videos.

Well, you have come to the right article, because I will be explaining some steps needed for you to start earning good amount of money on TikTok without much hassle.

Must Taken Steps on How to Make Money Online on TikTok Social App

Step 1: Create your Brand — Having a brand is one of the most important steps in succeeding in any online and offline business, when you create a brand, people get to know you for what you sell, what your post and what you deliver to your customers or audience. Let’s say for instance, you want to create a brand for your TikTok content, you should focus on a particular videos that people will always love to watch and be consistent about it.

In order to be successful in a business, you have to focus on single niche, making videos for multiple niches can slow down your success. You will be known for Jack of all trade which might later cost you alot to time before you can succeed in that business.

This is why especially as a fresher looking forward to become a social media influencer should always start with one niche videos.

There are several niches you can go for on TikTok such as Relationship talks, Educative Videos, Phone and Gadgets Reviews, Comedy, Pranks Videos, Jokes, Lyrics, Quotes and you can aswell think out of the box and create a unique niche and start making videos on it.

By so doing, your videos will go viral and tiktokers will start sharing your post if they find it interesting and you start getting alot of followers that are interested in your contents.

Step 2: Provide Interesting Content to Your Audience — We are in the digital age whereby anybody can make money at his comfort zone. You can also make use of TikTok to make huge amount of money if you know what you’re doing and you do it with passion. Becoming a social media influencer, you have a price to pay, you have to make a unique, fresh, interesting, and trending contents frequently.

Posting new, interesting and updated videos frequently can fasten your chance of getting followers quickly and giving the opportunity to get to where you want quickly.

Step 3: Get Followers — This is the most important step in becoming a social media influencer and this can be achieved by doing step 1 and step 2 of this article very well.

Followers has a huge impact of fulfilling your dreams on any social media most especially on TikTok because according to TikTok, you are required to have atleast 10,000 followers before you can be able to monetize your TikTok account. The best way to get followers quickly is to read step 1 and 2 carefully.

You can also make more research on google or watching YouTube videos.

Once you have begun to achieve success by getting huge followers, you can start to make money on the social app.

Here are 5 working ways to make money on TikTok.

1. Influencer Marketing: this is a type of social media marketing that involves getting endorsement deals and placements offer from companies or business owners to promote their products or services. This is one of the main reason of building a brand.

2. Sponsored Content Posts: Sponsored content is a type of promotional media that’s paid for by an advertiser, but created and shared by another brand, influencer, or publisher.

3. Branded Merchandise: Once you get famous on the app, you can create your own line of make-up products.

4. Use your stardom to promote your career: As a tiktoker with large numbers of followers, you can promote your career, business, and services through your TikTok account and people will patronize you.

5. TikTok Consultant: As an influencer having huge amount of followers, people will come for consultant, guidance and tutorial on how to build their brand, get followers and so much more. You can also make huge amount of money from this. Some companies will hire you as a consultant to build their brand using your strategy to boost their Followers.


Conclusion: While there are many people using TikTok app for fun, there are some people also making research on how they can make some bucks to their account using TikTok, well all I can say is don’t be discouraged when you first started, because things might not be easy as stated in this blog post, know that Rome was not built in a day. So be consistent and be happy with what you’re doing and gradually I believe you will surely get to the top.

Also take note that , All business starters both online and offline always go through some tough challenges, so don’t be discouraged, buckle up and go create that video.

Thanks for visiting us, please do well to post your comment and tell us what you feel about this article, your comment means a lot to us. Thanks. 

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