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10 Qualities of a Successful Business analyst

10 Qualities of a Successful Business analyst Are you looking to make a successful career in Business Analysis? You need more than just technical know-how. To be truly successful, you’ll need a range of qualities and skills that will help you evaluate data, identify problems, develop effective solutions, and communicate those solutions effectively. In this…

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5 Ways to Win When Negotiating Business Deals

It’s a classic scenario: two people enter a room, each with different agendas and the ultimate goal of coming out on top. Negotiating successful deals isn’t easy, but it is possible. But with the right tools, strategies and mindset, anyone can achieve success when navigating these tricky conversations. In this article, we’ll explore five key…

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Port Harcourt Real Estate Academy: Registration fee, School fees, Lecture Days, Duration and Location

Port Harcourt Real Estate Academy is a Registered, Recognized and Incorporated Real Estate Citadel of Learning Established to birth Professional Real Estate Practitioners. They provide high-quality education and training to aspiring real estate professionals, helping them to develop the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to succeed in the real estate industry. Their basic and master…

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10 Amazing Manufacturing Business Ideas in hindi

Are you looking for a way to start your own business in India? With its growing population and expanding economy, the country provides numerous opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Manufacturing businesses in particular offer great potential for success, especially when it comes to Hindi-based businesses. In this article, we explore 10 amazing manufacturing business ideas in…

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